Tuesday, April 16, 2013

BioPark and Gardens Day Trip from Santa Fe

chile ristra and yucca cactus
Albuquerque Bio Park Botanical Gardens 

It is hard to believe that I have been in New Mexico for a decade already. Some places resonate within you inherently. Like you have always belonged there. Familiarity is as warm and welcoming as the high desert sun.

Still, it was hard to adjust to at first. The altitude alone can make you sick. Once you settle into this captivating and majestic landscape however, you begin to understand "the land of  maƱana mentality. Thrive in it even. "It can make you live longer" said doctors in the Wild West. Doc Holliday came to these parts to take the "cure" of the land.

One of the great things to do around Santa Fe and Albuquerque is to visit the Bio Park Botanic Gardens and Aquarium. Any age group can enjoy the activities there. Couples on dates find long romantic strolls with lots of scenery, while kids have lots of fun on the train that links the Zoo to the rest of the park!

The Japanese Garden and the Butterfly Habitat are some of my favorite exhibits in the Botanic Gardens. It is easy to spend hours strolling around the park absorbing and delighting in the beautifully created landscapes. 

Spring Flower Show
Luckily the Botanic Gardens are open for the season. It is definitely time to get outside and shake off the last of the winter doldrums. There are brightly colored bulbs lining the paths and the season's opening exhibit Spring Pastels Flower Show. You can also get important travel information about the city of Albuquerque.