Friday, October 30, 2015

The Best Weather for a Spa Day is Happening Now!

New Mexican chile ristras and multi-colored gourds adorn the front door of Ten Thousand Waves Japanese Spa in Santa Fe. As I approach the entrance to the place, I inhale deeply. The yuzu and juniper scented bath products seep into the grooves of the wooden planked floor you walk on and sweetly scent the place. The deep piney scent of cedar and juniper with heavy citrus waft through the air, rising on the steam of the several hot tubs awaiting you around the property. My mind floats and a sense of calm warmly washes over me.

This spa is the perfect place for a pit stop when your passing through or an excellent resort to spend your entire Santa Fe stay. I have written about the waves before and it only keeps getting better. They recently finished a round of renovations and sprucing up. The restaurant is above par and and the spa itself is a top travel destination.

On this particular day, the clouds are hanging low in the mountains and cold drips of rain penetrate the surrounding warmth. I am living in the clouds and the rain drops are my neighbors. The golden leaves of autumn are my garden. In the trees and on the ground they blanket the landscape with amber fires and yellow sunny flecks.

The architecture transports you to the deepest zenniest place you possess in the center of your being. I imagine this is what Japan is like. My day is filled with massage and soaking, a few saunas, and even a cold plunge. The bliss is undeniable. I feel invisible and invincible. This is one of those special days that finds few people in the women's tub. Most of the time it is either private or I am sharing the ample space with one other woman. I wander from tub to sauna and eventually find myself in the meditation room.                                                                                              
I slip on my headphones and grab my moleskin journal. I write at a feverish pace. Sometimes, instead of stillness and quieting my mind,this is my meditation. It empties my crowded spaces and has the same result for me as half an hour of still meditation. Kinetic meditation? I feel white and bright energy in my pores on this gray and cloudy day. This cold autumn weather is perfect for embracing all the warmth the spa has to offer. 

Back inside the treatment waiting area, I help myself to complimentary peppermint hot tea. There is a nice fire and plenty of magazines while you wait to be gathered up and ushered around by your massage therapist. I gaze out over the coi pond. Every view is perfect. Every window frames the plethora of pine trees. Cyprus, Juniper, PiƱon, and Cedars are like fine art paintings for me to enjoy in an open air museum for the senses. The only thing that could be better than this is if that rain would have turned to ethereal and silent snowflakes.