Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Gift Giving with Santa Fe Style

Last time I gave you a great early holiday shopping tip by telling you about IFAA's holiday pop-up shop. Now, it's time for some more gift giving ideas from SantaFeStyles. I promise to give you the most unique, cost conscious, and style savvy present ideas. When we are done, you will be able to present all of your holiday presents with confidence.

For the men in your life shopping can be difficult. Santa Fe will squash those difficulties and make gifting for your guys a breeze. Start with Santa Fe Stoneworks where you will find classic stone handled blades from steak knives to pocket knives and beyond. Tap on my link to start your perusing of these one-of-a-kind gifts. Or, if you are already in Santa Fe, you can head over to Santa Fe Cutlery in the shops at the La Fonda hotel. From there, make your way over to the corner of Galisteo and Water Streets. Here you will find Sequoia. Sequoia is both the name of the shop and of the gentle-natured artisan who owns it. Although the gallery-like furniture and art store is filled with high end, high cost original furniture pieces. It has many small offerings as well. You will find hand made leather medicine pouches for under $50. They also have really neat diving men or climbing men wall sculptures for around $125.

If the previous suggestions fail to hit the nail on the head, go across the street to The Collected Works. The Collected Works is a Santa Feans favorite bookstore. Surely there is a gift here for any guy on your list. The staff picks for reads are always well informed and entertaining. If you are completely clueless, I bet they would be happy to guide you on your gifting adventure. Not able to shop the store in person? They have signed copies for sale online to please even the most discerning librarian.

Keeping it local in Santa Fe, and also on Galisteo St. is Artful Tea. You can also find Artful Tea at the Santa Fe Farmer's Market at the Railyard. The adorable packaging will make a few ounces of loose leaf tea an appreciated and stylish gift for any hostess you may encounter this season. In an impromptu visit to the Galisteo St. location last weekend, my husband and I scored a couple Urban Tea Tumblers by Steepware. They are portable glass tumblers that have a small container for steeping loose leaf tea within the tumbler. The tumblers are $30 and would make great gifts for college students or people who love cold weather outdoor events like football games. Add some of Artful Tea's single cup tea samples at around $2 each and you will have a well stuffed stocking.

Everyone knows that Santa Fe is THE place to go to buy authentic Native American jewelry. What you didn't know is the amount of contemporary artisan jewelery also available in the capital city. The Pop Art Gallery is currently hosting an array of vintage inspired baubles. Beautifully odd bees preserved in glass pendants, Victorian steam punk from Compass Rose designs and rocketships in various pieces. You can find great jewelry for under $200 here.

For fast gifting solutions there is the Sena Plaza on Palace Ave. Here you can find La Casa Sena and their world renowned wine shop. Restaurant gift cards and bottles of wine are sure to fit the bill for someone on your list. Also in the Sena Plaza is a cool and quirky sock shop. Do what you will with that info. Now get out on the town and enjoy the beautiful weather while you get your gifts with ease.