Thursday, November 5, 2015

Lust List

Indeed one of the deadly sins...lust. Well forgive me please because I am a sinner. Totally lusting right now for some luxury products that I don't need at all. Splurges, sinful little indulgences.
First of all, La Mer. What else do I need to say? It is the ultimate lust worthy beauty product in my opinion. That classic writing on that classic jar, I can spot it on a vanity a mile away. Oh La Mer, how I long for you against my skin. Moisturizing so deeply with your rich creaminess. Oh La Mer.

Secondly, any and all fragrances and home decor offerings by Aerin Lauder. Her collections leave me lustful every time. It has to be the Waterlily Sun. Waterlily Sun everything. I want to smell it from the time I wake up until the time I close my eyes. It's a delicious sun-soaked, flowery scent that translates well in every season but especially spring and summer (and fall and winter). I am resisting all urges to douse myself in every ounce of my current scent in hopes of "running out" and needing a new fragrance. I have only one signature scent at a time. My eaudor du jour is Issey Miyake. (and yes I made up the word eaudor by combining eau d'parfume and odor. feel free)

Next, I have had my eye on a few pieces from ModCloth. I have been hitting one too many sales lately and spending mucho dinero on snowboarding gear for the upcoming season. So, this would be beyond a splurge. Is Thanksgiving an appropriate holiday for a new dress? More like time for a new apron. Also, SantaFeStyles is now an affiliate of ModCloth. This makes the allure of a quirky and fun fashion deal almost impossible to pass up. Tap on my ModCloth banner below for deets on deals for dresses.

Fun Holiday Dresses!

My Dream Thanksgiving Dress from ModCoth
V.I.Pleased Dress in Forest Green- $90

The last thing on my lust list is an entire case of Justin Vineyards Justification. On my anniversary trip to Las Vegas recently, my husband took me out to an exquisite dinner at Mastro's Ocean Club in the Crystals. It was the kind of memorable dress up and eat a filet dinner that only happens once a year or so. The steak was great and the potato dishes were far above average; but the wine..... a light oak up front and then a round smoothness full of fruit and not too full bodied as to over power the steak. The yummiest wine I have put to my lips in a very long time. Wait, does this one fall under gluttony?