Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Best Santa Fe 3- Day Itinerary Ever: Day 2

Waking up on your second day in Santa Fe you will feel a smile creep across your mouth, a mischievous and playful grin. That euphoric feeling isn't just the altitude. You are in the "Land of Enchantment". Now it is time to get even higher... in elevation. Head into the mountains to experience the fresh air Santa Fe style. Make sure you grab a hand held breakfast burrito from The Burrito Company downtown. The Burrito Co is a Santa Fe staple and these breakfast burritos are as good as they get. Eggs, potatoes, New Mexico chile and cheese are the basic components of a breakfast burrito. They are all neatly wrapped up in a flour tortilla and either served smothered or handheld. Smothered means covered in chile sauce and cheese and is definitely a sit-down kind of breakfast. Grabbing your breakfast burrito handheld is the only option if you are fueling up for the mountains. If you want to add meat to you burrito, I always get chorizo. But you can't go wrong with bacon either. Yummmm bacon....

Artist Rd. will take you away from the downtown and up into the Santa Fe National Forest. As Artist Rd. turns into Hyde Park Road, you'll be taken even further up into majestic alpine vistas where the beautiful outdoors offers up endless opportunities for adventurous activities.Two places to take note of on your way up will both be on your left. The Santa Fe Institute is the first that you will pass. I have never actually been there because it is where all the super elite of smartness congregate to discuss taking over the world. I'm just kidding (not kidding). Of course my husband has sat in on a lecture there and even ate lunch on campus and he loved it. I have read the mission statement and maintain my theory.

 The second place of note is simply my favorite place on this planet and every other planar existence I have visited. It is with reluctance that I tell you about it. I want to horde this special place all to myself. It is the Ten Thousand Waves Japanese Spa and it is heaven on earth. Now that they have opened their restaurant Izanmi, there is simply no reason to ever leave "the waves". Spa away your day with treatments, tubs, noshes and sake. I especially love the meditation room for breaks in between bathing. The spa's sound therapy of trickling water and aromatherapy of  custom made scents will enchant you and relax every fiber of your being and your celestial self as well.

On the way up the mountain there are well maintained hiking trails, and famous mountain biking trails. Camping sites are available along the way including cabins for rent and RV sites. Aspen viewing is very popular in the fall and if you drive all the way to the very top of the mountain you will arrive at a secret gem; The Santa Fe Ski Basin. During the fall the chair lift is running for prime Aspen viewing and a fun look at the remains of the Mardis Gras tree. Of course, if you are visiting during ski season, a half day pass or a full day lift pass is a great option to experience the terrain you didn't even know existed in Santa Fe.

The perfect second day in my opinion would be spent hiking or snowboarding for the first half of the day and the second half would be spent at the spa. Remember, it takes much longer to get down the mountain when you are hungry. Luckily, Izanmi is right there if you need something to hold you over. If you make it back down in time to hit a restaurant for dinner, I'd recommend Maria's for Mexican and Margaritas. That is a great itinerary for your second day in Santa Fe. Once you have seen the city from 10,000 ft. in elevation, and had a great margarita, you won't feel like you have missed anything in Santa Fe!