Thursday, February 26, 2015

Vegas pics

 Danielle: (After buying $400 of beauty products from the most gorgeous Isreali girl in Vegas) To Jared: "Did we just get honey-potted?"
                                                                         Jared: "I think she honey-potted us."
                                                                         Danielle: "Vegas is just one giant honey-pot."
  But, hello....this stuff works fast.
Bummer they don't perform the pirate ship battle anymore because our suite looked directly at Treasure Island.
My birthday bouquet. A girl who says she doesn't love getting flowers is a liar. This particular arrangement smells delicious as well. Thanks again Gabi & Dante. Having fresh flowers in your hotel room is beyond luxury. 
 I particularly love the sound of water. I am a Pisces in the desert after all. In addition to my heavenly experience at Canyon Ranch Spa, this waterfall outside the Wynn was lovely, watery bliss.
 Viva Las Vegas. Can't wait until next time.