Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy St.Patrick's Day

What do we, at Santa Fe Styles do to celebrate St. Patrick's Day? First I realized that I have no idea why we celebrate St.Patrick's Day. To me it's a food holiday. I associate St.Patrick's Day with Irish potatoes (the coconut confection type) and corned beef and cabbage. Okay and its an excuse to drink like an Irishman even though I am not. I will take this time to acknowledge here that perhaps my northern French ancestry could be at least partially Gaelic of some sort. That would give me an advantage I bet. Anyways, so I drink.

I believe it was Hemingway who said "Write drunk and edit sober." It has always been good advice. I am, as most of us are, more creative when less inhibited. That's not the point. The point is that it's St. Patrick's Day. Last year, in my "creativity" i made corned beef and cabbage with red cabbage. Disaster mostly. So, I decided to stick with a more traditional recipe this year. Then all of the sudden this food based holiday snuck up on me and as I was unprepared, I decided to try corned beef and cabbage at one of my local eateries.

When I walked into the bar at Rio Chama, I was surprised to learn the legislative session had not yet ended. I wanted to run away but Missy was there behind the bar and she is so professional and sweet. In the end I had to order the classic Rio Chama Lunch...the blackened primed rib sandwich. it's open faced on asadero cheese and sliced sourdough. Don't forget the au jus and horseradish sauce. It is pretty much the perfect Santa Fe lunch if you are a carnivore downtown that is.

Luckily, I had my husband with me and he ordered the St.Patty's day special. I was eager to get a bite. Unfortunately, it was done very poorly. The dish was plated beautifully but the vegetables were severely undercooked. I would call them raw. After two crunchy potatoes, he sent it back and decided that his appetite was ruined. I felt guilty that I had thoroughly enjoyed a chipotle bloody Mary and my steak sandwich.

Back at home, we promptly called Joe's Dining in the Rodeo Plaza and ordered their corned beef special to go. Joe's is so close to our house that we often walk there. I feel very lucky to have such a consistently delicious farm to restaurant establishment nearby. Of course, the Irish fare here was perfect and delicious. I was so happy that I didn't have to cook the meal. Not because I don't enjoy nourishing my family but because I'm getting drunk! No, no, no. It's because of my deathly allergies. The worst I have ever had. Not many things bloom in New Mexico but after a decade or so of living here, you wonder how you can ever leave your house again. It is very very itchy in the outside world.

So, in order to continue my celebration of St. Patrick's Day I have concocted a new cocktail. My first original cocktail in over 2 years. It's the Aller-gin Elixir. I made a gin Martini with the Evolution Fresh Ginger limeade as the vermouth and used a 1/2 teaspoon of sugar and a teaspoon of local bee pollen to coat the rim of the Martini glass. It will help my allergies one way or another. Cheers!