Friday, April 17, 2015

My New Favorite Breakfast Spot

           Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! 🍓🍓

I love the vibe of this place. It is truly original just like Santa Feans are. Part garden center, part library, part kitchen store, and part yummy cafe. I can't get enough of this place. On one particular visit, yesterday, I found myself so comfortably immersed in my surroundings that I lingered. Gasp! I think I had a moment over the granola and got lost in copper cookware. I want to buy every book in there. Especially, The Drunken Botanist. That sounds right up my alley.

It feels great to be motivated in the healthier direction and I get a ton of support from my friends and family. We are all trying to do little things to change our overall habits for the better. With that said, I always follow my healthy habits more when I give into small indulgences here and there.If you don't allow yourself that small cup of Frogurt, you are likely to end up at Sonic late night getting your sugar fix in a giant portion of way too much calories and fat. I heard that some people indulge their sweet tooth with an occasional Friday morning ice cream breakfast. I am on board with that! TGIF afterall.