Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Best Santa Fe 3-Day Itinerary Ever: (the infamous and long awaited) Day 3

When I think back to my most memorable vacations and favorite places, I realize that I was experiencing them as a traveler. Not as a tourist, but as a person tasting the culture and filling all of my senses with the journey. It's nice to be without an agenda and just going with the flow. Without a specific time to be anywhere and complete freedom over your day you can explore and be wild. Don't worry, I won't leave you without a few good suggestions.

One great suggestion would be to start your day down at the Railyard. It's an easy walk from downtown if your shoes are comfy. The last few years have seen the popularization of the "Railyard District" thanks in large part to the farmer's market and successful new retail spaces. Plus, the new Violet Crown movie theater is slated for a May 1st grand opening. Along with art museums like Site Santa Fe  and popular local eateries, there are many things to do while you visit the Railyard. Meander around, socialize with the locals and you are sure to make some new friends.

You may have heard of a popular series called Game of Thrones? Well, the author and epic story-teller George R.R. Martin owns a historic cinematic movie house in the Railyard District. The Jean Cocteau Cinema was one of the 300 plus independent movie houses that got to screen The Interview on Christmas day. Catch a quick film at this storied theater and then head over to the Second Street Brewery's second location at the Railyard. If you are a fan of classic fish and chips, you will not be disappointed.

Try a local favorite like Andiamo for dinner. It is another participant in the farm to table movement, offering all the local and organic produce and ingredients that they can. Spend your last hours in the capitol city hanging out around the plaza. You will find local performances during the warmer months and plenty of vendors to pick up all of those last minutes gifts and trinkets. I hope you enjoyed traveling in the city different. I know three days is never enough. We'll see you next time you need your green chile fix.

Backyard Sunset
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